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Bts imagines 18

The 80s were a time of choices.

bts imagines 18

Which perm was right for you? What color neon would you wear next? None of these choices, however, were more questionable than a certain deal you made with Jeon Jungkook. He had just come from the student services building, leaving the meeting with his counselor feeling somewhat content. He had officially changed his major to digital communications and multimedia. If ever. He had just finished buying his lunch and was heading to find a table to sit outside when he finally saw you.

You looked so fucking pretty, your hair braided prettily with your torso bundled up tight in your oversized jacket. You always hated the cold weather, he remembered. The three of you together looked so normal that before he could stop himself; he found himself walking over to your table, his heart in his throat. All conversation came to a halt, the three students turning to face the cautious frat boy, looking familiar yet different all the same.

Keep reading. You had just finished brushing your teeth when your phone began to ring; you were surprised but delighted to hear your sister Rosa greet you from the other end. It felt like ages since you had spoken to either of your sisters.

Sure, you gave your parents a ring every weekend, but your siblings had their own lives to worry about, you assumed. H premiered on TV. You froze, the fact that your family had no idea about your fake boyfriend completely slipping your mind.

Originally posted by yoongishadow. Out of all the places where your soulmate timer could have been placed it had to be on the bottom of your foot. Perhaps you should consider yourself lucky, your friend will forever live with numbers ticking away on her left butt cheek. You laughed as you remembered your friend telling you how she must check her backside every morning in the mirror to see if the time moving on her ass lessened over the night. Everyone was born with a timer on their body.

Black numbers constantly moving on their skin, counting down the hours, minutes and seconds till the very last second they meet their soulmate. Your friend had hours left, a little over two years. But time can change. The time till you meet your soulmate can grow all of a sudden or lessen, but that rarely happens.All of my stories are right here!

I will update Masterlist after every story is post so I will never be behind. I am busy a lot! I have work, school, babysitting, and helping out with my family.

But I hope you enjoy my stories when they do some out! I have figured out the rest, I just need the start. Please help!! Originally posted by sugutie. Here they come! They fawn and sigh helplessly at the handsome boys, barely managing to blubber about each one of them as they melt on the floor. Another girl grins. Choa laughs mockingly. Have you been living under a rock? The smartest, prettiest and most powerful girl in the school. Keep reading. Since there is a lot of characters, I thought I would break them all down for you and give them their profiles Age, birthday, status, etc.

bts imagines 18

All the photos used are not mine and belong to the rightful owner Google. Kim Seokjin. Jung Hoseok. Kim Taehyung. Park Jimin. Jeon Jungkook.

Viu? É para isso mesmo que o app é perfeito.

Jackson Wang. Park Jinyoung. Choi Minho. Park Chanyeol. Do Kyungsoo. Chae Hyungwon. Lee Minhyuk. Min Yoongi. Kim Namjoon. Kim Yugyeom. Lee Taemin. Oh Sehun. Byun Baekhyun.You two were best friends; he saw you as a sweet innocent little child. So, when he saw that you had sent him a photo, he got excited and opened it right away.

In seconds his screams could be heard throughout the dorm as he turned his phone off and tossed it away, too stunned to react in any other way. When you explained that it was a mistake and that you had intended it to be sent to someone else, he was both relieved and kind of disappointed. He was in awe at the sight of your body. The two of you were sending each other filtered selfies on snap-chat when you accidentally chose the picture you had taken earlier when you were feeling a little saucy; you tried to click the X when you selected it by accident but your friend bumped into you making you hit the wrong button.

He took a screenshot of the picture. Your life started flashing before your eyes when that notification popped up and you immediately began apologizing and asking him to delete it. He sat completely still, the corners of his lips kept twitching, almost forming a complete smile but not getting there.

bts imagines 18

After unfreezing he allowed himself to pick his phone off the floor and message you back. He had one request: meet him at the studio that night. Both of you spent the day moving in slow motion as neither of you could grasp the situation but as soon as you two saw each other life seemed to speed up and everything was on fire.

You were panicking, you accidentally sent Namjoon a picture of you naked. Namjoon was panicking, he just saw you naked. Both of you were freaking out. A week was spent avoiding each other and things were very awkward after that when you were hanging out in a group. Everything seemed really uncomfortable and so Namjoon went to Jin for help. After explaining the situation he instructed him to talk it out with you in person. When he showed up at your house you were anxious but as you two sat on the couch while you explained yourself, things turned more comedic.

In the end you were both able to laugh it off except while you laughed you leaned in a bit and he took the chance to kiss you.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Your entire relationship had been nothing but continuous flirting since you guys first met.Antes de tudo, olha quem voltou! Isso mesmo, eu voltei e trago mais um BTS Reaction. E eu sou seu namorado, poxa. Originalmente publicado por baebsaes. Vai aonde? Originalmente publicado por martina Originalmente publicado por itsrapmonster. Originalmente publicado por jinjks. Originalmente publicado por chimcheroo. Originalmente publicado por taedamn. Originalmente publicado por jung-koook. Espero que gostem.

Em uma entrevista. Originalmente publicado por sannamja. Em uma live no Vapp falando com as A. Originalmente publicado por syubtae. Originalmente publicado por bangtan-tv.

Originalmente publicado por hobisu. Originalmente publicado por bwipsul. Originalmente publicado por averageoppa. Originalmente publicado por jeonsshi. Espero que tenham gostado desse BTS Reaction, e que continuem acompanhando-me. Obs: Estou aceitando pedidos tanto por mensagem, quanto pelas asks. Posts askflowers Arquivo. Espero que estejam bem. Originalmente publicado por jeonsshi Espero que tenham gostado desse BTS Reaction, e que continuem acompanhando-me.

Sejam Bem Vindos!In fact, could you send me a link to some of it if you translate it? I feel like some super cool writer, having their book translated into another language, so much honor! Originally posted by samisoffthewall. Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin. As of right now there are only 2 people as admins on this blog and with my inactivity I am not even sure if she is still posting!!

Currently this blog is acting as an archive for what was previously posted. I would say at the moment the most would be years younger than them. His lips crashed into yours, hands already tugging your shirt off. You moaned his name and pulled him closer, needing him…. I mean, yeah, totally!

Taehyung frowned at you skeptically. Why did he have to look so gorgeous? That dream where his beautiful body was on top of yours, those plump lips ravishing your skin….

You shook your head again, cursing inwardly and telling yourself to forget the dream and focus on your friend! You okay? Your face looks kinda red. What did I murder you in the dream or something? Instead he had unwittingly stumbled upon the truth and it just made you blush harder. You nodded and hid your face in your hands, too embarrassed to even look at him. Had you just gone and ruined your friendship? How could you not, with someone as perfect as him?

You looked up to find him grinning at you, laughter still pouring out. If Taehyung had dreamt about you in that way too then… well, it had to mean something, right? Our ask box is open for everything but scenarios atm! Reactions, gif reactions, questions, etc.! Suga would change it around to make you embarrassed, offering to show it to you more closely or if you want him to take it off for you, then xp.

Namjoon would be the type to call as much as possible. Jimin would want a good mixture of texts and long calls. Rap Monster would find it cute and endearing. Would we use Korean for spells? How would wizards in different countries interact?Namjoon is determined to change from being your reality.

bts imagines 18

But over time they learn to share their love of the ice with each other and create magic. The trust needed to complete one of the hardest jumps in skating history is something you and Jimin do not share, due to one night stands and midnight practices. A pair of infamous volleyball rivals are paired together and with their shared goal of winning gold in the Olympics, they might just become friends or even something more.

At first, you were just the person they kidnapped by accident but after discovering your talent for cards, they give you no chance but to join them. Just another cliche story about the girl with flower tattoos and the boy who works next door in the flower shop. A girl with endless hookups and confidence to spare and a shy boy, who only took the job because he needed some extra money but now knows the meaning of each flower.

This odd duo end up providing each other with a much needed, unexpected friendship, with a bit of help from the shop owners and customers. Together they will travel the cosmos in search of the missing zodiacs to restore peace and hopefully, Jeon Jeongguk will fall for her in the process.

BTS TAEHYUNG FF SMUT ONESHOT 18+ {Wear Headphones🔞🎧⚠️}•Moans•

You never expected Jeongguk to fall for you, you were just meant to be the lifeguard for his family pool. Taehyung was never one to enjoy the wind in his hair but after you entered his life, all his old beliefs fly out of the window. Jimin has only ever had eyes for one mermaid and you soon learn that what the prince wants, he gets. After years of pining, Jin finally gives into his desire and coincidently your patience is rewarded. Tagged: bangtan boys bangtan bts bts masterlist bts angst bts fluff bts smut bts fic bts drabble bts reactions bts oneshot jin x reader seokjin x reader suga x reader min yoongi x reader jung hoseok x reader j hope x reader namjoon x reader rapmonster x reader park jimin x reader jimin x reader v x reader kim taehyung x reader jungkook x reader jeon jeongguk x reader jungkook taehyung jimin rapmon namjoon.Yoongi says this from somewhere off to your left, seething with subdued irritation.

Keep reading. Being back home after having been away for so long felt unfamiliar and weird, but not in a weird way. You enjoyed being back with your family and old childhood friends, but at the same time, over the few short years you were all apart for college, it felt as if you were meeting people you once knew.

All in all, it was good to be home. You enjoyed being able to relax, you enjoyed your parents and older brothers spoiling you despite it sometimes feeling suffocating. On the other hand, being home and being the youngest meant that everyone still treated you like a child and your choices to have fun were limited, even when you were with your old group of friends because your older brother was also always there.

Of course, that was mostly a thing of the past. Although you had been away from home for the past few years, there was always social media and whenever you checked, you could see exactly how much the shy little boy had grown into a dangerously handsome young man.

That being said, you were intrigued at the opportunity of finally seeing him again in person. By the time the clock struck 11, everyone was a little tipsy, giggling among themselves, a little more touchy, a little more breathless with each touch, fingers lingering just a little more as they did. You needed a moment to get a sense of what was going on, having felt all hot and bothered just moments prior, only to have the heat stripped off of you so suddenly.

Huge Dick Tae, cocky! Remember when an army used google translate. His eyes scanned the parchment, the dried ink settling his heart into his throat. He looked up at his mother and the maester, their worried eyes trained on him as he took only seconds to make a decision. Let us see now what their words are worth. Originally posted by myloveseokjin. What better way than to continue to affirm that my love for Jungkook is unavoidable and, unstoppable. This is unedited for now, please forgive any mistakes, I was too excited.

After 4 grueling months of relentless studying and lectures, you can finally say that your second to last semester of university is finally over. The exams have been taken, the textbooks have been returned or re-sold, the mountain of instant meals have been cleared from your kitchen for now and, you are currently on the subway headed to celebrate with the only person in the world that could properly bring you out of your post-exam haze:.

You are living in a society that is just now picking up the scraps that the Great Outbreak left behind after the government killed off the majority of the zombies. A group of Walkers has been discovered hiding in the ruins of a Pre-Break Out industrial zone. Dad, did you hear? They found a family of zombies in our town!

He was sat beside your feet on the couch you laid on and you fought the urge to kick him off the furniture. Of course, you love him.

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